Feelin' Fall!

I recently texted my friend, "So if I don't like to cook, don't like to clean and don't like to do laundry, does that mean I'm not domestic?"

She responded, "Yeah."

But due to family allergies and stomach issues, I cook from scratch. And because I'm lazy, I batch and bake big to freeze so I'm not in the kitchen all the time. I'd rather be painting!

This is my gluten free, dairy free, sugar free version of granola. Hint: I've learned that even with friends who have no food restrictions, if you don't label it, they love it.

So, this is my gift to you to welcome in Fall and make your home smell oh so yummy!

This makes a big batch, but I actually double it. It takes too baking sessions so I just devote a couple of hours, but that way it lasts for weeks!


RECIPE – GRANOLA gluten free/dairy free/sugar free

325° 40 min + stir time

•Preheat oven

•Line two large rimmed pans with parchment paper. (I use my broiler pans.)

•In a large mixing bowl, MIX TOGETHER:

8 c old fashioned rolled oats