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Got fish?

I was just praying for a friend of mine who has a fantastic online art business. They are always looking forward and not stagnant.

As I prayed for them, I asked for wisdom on how to pray. You see, success on paper is not always the same as success in the Kingdom of God - which essentially is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17)

We tend to leave off those last four words of that verse and just go for the peace and joy on the worlds terms.

The more success we are given, the harder it is to remain in the Holy Spirit. HOWEVER, Jesus was able to steward large crowds so "how to pray?"

And then I got this sweet download of guidance.

I'm just going to transcribe my journal entry:

Father, as his business grows - his following - grow his heart along with it.

You did not send the multitudes away (feeding of the 5,000). You fed them and the only way to do that was to involve others (disciples) and let them experience the same miraculous works YOU already walked in.

That's what I pray for my friend.

When "they" whined and said send them home, it's too much - You said, "compassion."

When "they" worried - You said,"What do you have?"

When "they" said, "It's not enough." - You said, "Share all of it."

And you made a point of gathering up 12 baskets extra - one for each of them to have not just a piece, but a whole basket.


The leadership principles were amazing to me. They were not the standard MO for using resources, yet they were brilliant.

Am I walking in compassion when the circumstances are overwhelming? Am I looking at God's provision as my exhaustion?

Am I looking only at the logical means of provision for the answers? Do I see what's right in front of me, although offered from a lowly means? Do I recognize the hero in the child's offering - what God can do with complete surrender?

Once I get that offering, do I see it through and walk it out in faith or do I say, "It's not enough. It'll never work."

Am I willing to share all of it when I receive a miracle, or am I still hoarding and worried that this is all there is?

And as I write, I keep hearing, "There's more!" For the person who grew up in a highly controlled "God in a box" culture - there's more! For the person who has just dipped their toes in the water - there's more! For the faithful one who has walked for years in the miraculous and never wavered - even for them - there's more!

We never "get there" with God. He pours out more every day because He's just that good and just that BIG. And our little hearts are constantly being expanded by Holy Spirit so that we can receive more - otherwise, we explode or implode. He came to live IN us. Because we have the infinite IN us, we can receive all that infinite goodness He keeps "moring" into us!

I woke up tired and down, but now I'm headed to fix breakfast knowing that today - there's more!

I ache for more of Jesus and that's a hunger He is happy to fill. Every day.

I have some growing to do, but He's a great mentor.

God bless you as you discover more.


©2024 Lydia D Crouch

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