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Step 3 - The Mantle

If you have a mantle, then it's an automatic focal point. Just like making up your bed cleans up half your room, having a fresh mantle makes the whole room feel good.

If you don't have a mantle, then just look at the biggest piece of furniture (besides the couch) that takes up space. Do you have a sideboard, entry table. OK, maybe it IS the couch, but you don't just have to hang a "couch painting" over it. GASP. I know. I'm an artist who would love to sell you a large painting or print for that space over your couch. LOL

HOWEVER, you can make a mantle effect anywhere by hanging a shelf as an anchor and grouping both art and 3D lovelies.

Here's all I did for a quick Fall Freshup.

•Clear off the mantle.

The experts are right on this one. A blank canvas gives your dreams room to dance.

•Add an anchor.

It doesn't have to be smack dab in the middle, but I knew I wanted to add some loose nature, so it'll loosen up.

(Yes, I did dust up after all was said and done. )

•Raid the rubbish pile.

We had just downed a tree that was putting our house in danger. I LOVE twigs, so I just took my clippers and went for it. But I could have gone for a walk and picked up ground fall this time of year.

I love the asymmetry of the twigs against the tidy frames. But, if you are a minimalist, you could cut them all the same length and use a square vase.

•Add the unconventional

This graphic piece is meant for the wall, but I found it would curve gently and I let the "P" hang over the front to keep it all from being too "cold". In a minimalist world, I guess I might be a messy-malist. Which is not quite a "maximalist" but you'd still have an urge to straighten things up.

I would let you. Smile. Let you enjoy it. Then put it back the way it was when you leave.

...because I just do what makes me feel peaceful...

My point is, this is your home. You get to choose.


Lydia C

©2019 Lydia D Crouch

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