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Lift Off!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Lately, I've been dreaming of fun, impossible dreams... but they become possible when I use my gift.

My gift happens to be paintbrush. I can do impossible things when I paint, like making elephants fly, and dreams soar.

When I use the gift in my hand, that thing God gave me from birth, that thing He and I do together because He loves creating with me, things happen. Impossible things.

But there's a step to defying gravity (seriousness and perfection) that I am learning. It has to do with letting go of some things.

The envelopes on this painting are from my college days when we actually wrote letters and how much they weighed mattered. I've been hauling them around with me for years a) because I think they're cool and I love them b) because "I might need them someday." and c) because I was trained not to throw away anything. I should at least sell it!

So, I've carted these envelopes around for over 25 years. These light and airy envelopes have gotten really heavy.

Sometimes, we need to just let go of things that hold us down. Old dreams. Bitter memories. OK, I'll stop meddling because, chances are, you know what those weights are. It was probably the thing that popped up in your mind just now, seemingly out of nowhere.

And if you feel like those things are there, and you honestly don't even know what it is... then ASK Jesus. He's waiting to help you clean that closet so that He can restock it with fresh food, beautiful clothing, great resources. But they will be there to be used, not stored. They are for you in your NOW moments.

And when you do this letting go, you'll see for yourself. Impossible things begin to happen!


Lydia C


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