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I took the day off to be with Davis since he was stuck at home until the car was ready at 4:30. It was great to have a heart to heart with him, chat with a long distance bestie and just hang out with my mom.

Just on highlight on fear of man and the lies that come with it.

Recently, a friend was blamed by a person for that person's own unhappiness. As I prayed for her, I got Ps 18. Accusations are not foreign to any person on this planet.

Then I saw the lies as leeches that were being slung at here and trying to attach to her skin.


Here's what I understood. Lies are like leeches. They are nasty, life sucking, greedy things. But for the believer, these lies can not grab hold of us if we are covered by the loving blood of Jesus and the precious fragrant oil of worship and His presence.

Lies can only attach to our flesh. If we come to Him and lay down all the hurts and worries and just bask in His presence, those lies can not exist in the sweetness of pure love and truth.

Another random thought. We are called to be salt and light. If you put a salt on a slug (or leech) it dries up. This is so gross, I know. But lies are even more gross.

If you are not a Christian, the Bible talks consistently about living in Spirit (freedom, love, deliverance from shame) - vs - the torment of living in the "flesh" (guilt, shame, sin). Romans 8 is dedicated to this comparison.

So the visual was dramatic for me.

Living lightly today means coming into His presence where no lies can take hold.



©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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