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This is a merry little invitation to be part of our special Holiday season at The Loft at Camano Commons!  We are opening up selected sections of the gallery wall space for our Holiday Market season.


Here are the details!



Show:  a merry little 


Who can enter:  Any Pacific Northwest Artist 


Display Space:  Each artist will be given a column of the wall that is approximately 12” wide by 5’tall.  At the top of each column, your name will be displayed with a sign made for all artists by Mr & Mrs C.  (Please do not bring your own signage.  I won’t be able to use it.)  There will be a table for your business cards, but we won’t have enough room for flyers, ads, etc.


(Are you A 3D artist?  Email me!  We can arrange for table rental via the Holiday Market.)


DROP OFF:  October 27 & 28.  Lydia will install on October 28 & 29.




IMPORTANT!!!!!!! If you personally can’t pick them up, please arrange for a friend or family member to come!!!!!  We have no place to store them!!!  


I want to keep your art safe!  The only way to do that is for you to be on time.  Otherwise, I can’t be responsible for where they have to be left until you come.


ART GUIDELINES:  Please read CAREFULLY!!!  You'll be signing your agreement to this page.


This is a show of minis!  MAXIMUM outer dimension is 10” (framed included).


All works must be framed or suitable for hanging.


All works must be G-rated, non-political, uplifting and family friendly. 


(Lydia reserves the right to edit or take down pieces not suitable for our Loft visitors.  As this is a retail space rather than a gallery, the regular guidelines you might associate with a gallery or art show do not apply.)


COST: $25

CAMANO COMMONS receives 40% commission of pieces you sell.  (I, Lydia, do not receive a penny of this.  Your fee covers the back end time, signage, ads, and social media coverage.)



I still have a few openings and will close the registration on October 26 if not before.




Other important stuff!:


•May I share a space?  You may share one space for an additional $25 per person.  You’ll need to arrange this with Lydia by email.  But only one person’s name will be at the top of the column, so it is not recommended. 

•May I rent more than one column? Maybe.  Our goal is variety.  If space permits, I can open it to rental of more than one display column, but each entry will get one column until the deadline.  There will be a line entry item  online to indicate you’d like to sign up for more than one space if available.  I can then reach out to you to arrange that.  (No payment will be taken for extra space at your initial sign up.)


•May I rent two spaces side by side to allow for larger images?  Nope.  Sorry.  The art will be hung vertically in a column.  Even if you rent two columns, they will most likely be separated to keep a visual flow.


•Why are there bigger pieces still on the walls?  Again, this is retail.   The Loft invites those artists who have a good sales record with us.  If you’d like to display larger pieces in the future, be sure to take part in the Theme Wall opportunity!  

•What if I sell items? That’s the goal, right!?  Lydia will contact you to bring replacements, so plan to have a little stash of extras to replenish sold spots.  Sorry, you can not leave extras at The Loft.  We do not have space for them.  The Commons takes 40%.  You will be mailed a check at the end of each month.


•What about inventory/insurance? You will need to keep your own inventory.  In addition, neither Camano Commons or Lydia Crouch can take responsibility or can be held liable for any theft or damage.  This has to do with insurance regulations.  The insurance company will not cover anything that is not our property, so as you are a private contractor/vendor, we can not cover it.  By submitting your registration, you are agreeing to these terms.


•Can I sign up or deliver art by mail? Sorry, we cannot do any entries or art delivery by mail.  Sign up is online and art must be delivered and picked up in person.  If you are having trouble registering, feel free to set up a time to bring your laptop or phone to The Loft.  I’m happy to help you! 

THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!!!!!!    And it’s the perfect opportunity to get great Seasonal exposure as we are generally hoppin’ for the whole season.  This will be also in tandem with the Camano Commons Holiday Market, also held in The Loft but run by the Commons.  Email me if you want details on that table top opportunity!!!!

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