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Here's a little something for you!  (My gift to you!)

Click on the red button on  any image to download. (The red button will not appear on your downloaded version.)

(Apologies: You may have to rotate them in your personal software program. I'm still working on that.  But hey, it's free!)

Share freely, but please do not sell or incorporate into any item for sale or reproduction without permission. 

To purchase originals, prints and "merch" without text or watermarks, choose  "artwork" on the menu at the top of this page to see what's available in my galleries.


Download: Affirmation Quarter-fold Card

Click on the red pdf button to download.  Once you print it, hold vertically and fold in half with print side out.  Then fold in half again to make a quarter-fold card that can be tucked into your purse, backpack, bible, glove compartment, where ever!  Read the affirmations out loud every day for at least 30 days with anticipation of His presence, rather than expectancy of a specific outcome.  Have fun becoming new!

AFFIRMATIONS  quater fold scan.jpg

I©2019 Lydia D Crouch

I©2019 Lydia D Crouch

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