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PP King of my Heart.jpg

"King of my Heart"

Acrylic on Strathmore Drawing Paper


I was listening to Sarah McMillan's - King of My Heart (live) at the studio as I painted this. Unknown to me, there were two little girls quietly watching me paint. Suddenly I heard a sweet little voice, "I know what it is! It's a girl riding her dad's shoulders!" This girl, like my own kiddos did, felt free to grab her daddy's crown and wear it. Kids who are loved don't worry about proprietary things.

TO PURCHASE ORIGINALS:  Please email me by clicking on the "original" button below. 


(Artwork  might be out in a show or gallery.  This insures that I do not accidentally ‘double sell.’  Once availability is confirmed, I will place the painting on hold until payment is received. )

I personally curate how each painting is reproduced.  Click below to see custom picked options at my Fine Art America site.

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