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Theme Wall Submission

First time submitting?  PLEASE read!



Lydia C Creative Life and Camano Commons Marketplace work together to give more exposure to local artists within our family friendly atmosphere.  We rotate roughly every 2-3 months per piece.  We also have a seasonal wall that rotates per occasion.  This is a great space for emerging artists.

Read the following CAREFULLY, then reach out to Lydia using the link "Submission Form" at the bottom of this document.)


••••How can I get notices about any calls for art?


Lydia will announce calls for art within her weekly or bi-weekly “what’s up” email. As a courtesy to artists, Lydia puts THE LOFT info first for quick reference.  You must be subscribed to Lydia’s email list to submit or participate as a Loft artist.


••••Who can submit?


Any Pacific Northwest resident adult artist who has a consistent body of work, website and/or social media presence.


••••What type of art can be submitted?


Artist can submit 1-3 items of a hang ready size 16x20 or under (including frame) of ANY MEDIUM as long as it is the original - NO REPRODUCTIONS, PLEASE.   Lydia’s choices are purely subjective according to the atmosphere she is creating for a given theme.  This does not mean all three will necessarily be used if the artist is chosen for that theme.  All items must be for sale. (Sadly, photography does not sell well here in The Loft, so I can not accept it at this time.) 


√ NOTE:  All work must be encouraging and G-rated.  We are not a gallery, per se, so the normal art norms do not apply.

√√ NOTE:  The Loft is upstairs!!!  Make sure items are not too heavy to be carried by the buyer without assistance.

••••are there fees?


Submission fee:  $0.      

••••what about sales?


Sales commission fee:  40%

Camano Commons Marketplace will take a 40% commission from sales.  If chosen, you will be given a vendor form and W-9 to submit to Camano Commons.)  


Super important!!!! ——— If your work is accepted, you will need to take it off of your website or online store for the duration of the time it is hanging here.  ALSO, you’ll need to leave it hanging for the duration of the rotation agreed upon.  If it sells from here before the rotation is done, we can work together to see if you have another image to fill the spot that fits the size, theme, etc. 


We are unable to accommodate out of state sales and other special circumstances.  


•Camano Commons, Lydia Crouch and The Loft can not be held liable for any damage or shrinkage.  You will be leaving your art at your own risk.  (So far, this has not been a problem, but we just need to be clear.)


***When submitting, you will provide the following info for EACH image photo you submit:


     Artist name: (you)



     SIZE framed:  (outer dimension of frame)                                       

     Image Size:

            (For sculpture/pottery, etc. please give height, depth and width.)   


•••IF ACCEPTED, what then?


   •Lydia will send you a step by step info for participating. 


   •You will need to get a vendor number for Camano Commons right away by submitting your vendor form and W-9


   •You’ll need to drop off your work to Lydia on the given date and time window. PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR ARTWORK OFF TO CAMANO COMMONS EMPLOYEES!  You must be checked in by Lydia. We can not hang your art making without making sure you are properly checked in.  Sorry, no exceptions.   




  • promote the theme and you as an artist on social media

  • Tag you on social media posts so that you can get more mileage by reposting on your own media

  • Provide space for your business card so that people can see more of your work online or contact you for commission work (wouldn’t that be awesome!?)




  • deliver art priced BY YOU BEFORE YOU ARRIVE on the back of each piece and ready to display or hang by the given date (A printable Price Card pdf will be provided with acceptance email.)


  • repost & share the event/theme on your social media​


  • remove your selected pieces temporarily from your website and leave it hanging for the duration of the show (unless it sells from here)

  •  pick up your work on time after your artwork is taken down

to  submit

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