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signature art for your signature life

"Creativity is not only what hangs on your walls.  it's about how you approach life And express it!"

I'm here to 

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spur you on!

Wise people say that the first page of your website should lead people to the one thing you want them to do.  I have mulled over this for days, months, years... 


What is the one thing I want you to do?

Can I be really honest? 


You're welcome to gather art here, but the one thing I really want you to do is to feel better.

I paint and write from a place that I call home - a place where I am loved and am free to love with confidence.  

"If a piece I create helps you understand, accept or tell your story, then I'm over the moon!"

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Discover a signature piece of art that tells your story

Please explore my original artwork selection.  I have several collections for you to choose from.  I'm truly more of a storyteller than a classical artist.  While I'm most know for my acrylic and mixed media pieces, I'll use watercolors, pen and ink, or whatever medium helps me tell the story on my heart. 


(I confess it's hard for me to keep this fresh.  My pieces seem to sell on the sooner than later side.  If you want the first dibs, my IG and newsletter get the fresher attention.)

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Choose an original or customizable wood-crafted keepsake 

My amazing husband, Rich, and I have collaborated to make our Mr&Mrs C collection for you. Our motto for our original designs is to reinvent repurpose rejoice!  Each item is uniquely crafted and many are customizable.

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Find some inspiration and encouragement for your day

I love to write.  Words, to me, are like a butterfly net to capture thoughts and moments of wonder.

INSPIRATIO (my blog) is where I breathe in some new thoughts, music, other artists, and nesting ideas.  I might share a story, a daydream, or a deeper thought.  It's my random place to process and you are more than welcome to join me.


The Loft is my happy place located at Camano Commons Marketplace on Camano Island, Washington.  Our space above the marketplace offers European style seating surrounded by original artwork, home decor, gift items, clothing and my studio where I paint live at least three days a week. 100% of items sold in The Loft are created by Pacific Northwest artists and artisans. 


We are home to guests from around the globe as well as our beloved locals who sip their world renowned coffee roasted right next door at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. They also can munch on treats from our onsite bakery (chocolate croissant, anyone?) or fabulous gourmet burgers from downstairs in the marketplace. 


We have rotating art shows monthly which I announce to my newsletter subscribers so that they get first dibs on news and purchasing.

I send my newsletter only twice a month and I do not sell from my newsletter.  It's mostly pictures because, well, I send out what I'd like to receive.  So be sure to subscribe at the bottom of this page if you like a dose of visual inspiration.

Are you still here?

Then I think we could be friends!

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Come meet me at The Loft!

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