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Crouch, Lydia - Heritage.jpg


24x48 inches

My Christian heritage comes via the mountains of North Carolina through the Moravians and John Wesley. Although I was raised in Alabama, those Appalachian Mountains are the home of my heart. I learned to talk to God there. This portrait is of a classic rich emerald velvet dress that is timeless. After I painted it, people kept finding sheep of all generation in the background. Can you see any? I used a round “pouncing” brush to generate the velvet texture. The brush is typically used for wall treatments…which I did a lot of in a past career life. But that’s another story for another day. 100% of the proceeds from Heritage will go toward carefully vetted organizations who are committed to the long-term recovery of rescued victims of human trafficking. 

This dress is part of a personal journey, and the original is not for sale.  

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