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Come & Dine: the menu verses the meal

Today I was praying for a young friend. He's so incredibly bright that it might just rob him from relationship if he doesn't learn vulnerability... and curiosity about others.

But part of praying for others is the joy of your own huge "ah hah" moments.

This one had to do with the "come and dine" with Jesus.

I think in pictures so I'll tell you what I saw.

I saw Jesus in a fine dining setting. He was seated across the table from someone he obviously was completely enthralled with, love and invitation to relationships was beaming in his eyes. His guest was looking at a menu that was an invitation to the best meal of their lives. It was big and extensive.

But as I watched, I realized that the guest was so absorbed in studying the menu that they were missing not only the meal but the very presence of their invitation to intimate conversation. They didn't want to make a wrong choice, so they just kept studying. But they held the menu up so high, they couldn't even see Jesus himself on the other side. He was there, love in his eyes, waiting.

So what does this little freeze frame picture mean? It was so clear to me that the menu was the Bible. Like a menu, it's meant to digest one meal in fellowship with Jesus at a time. You can not possibly eat the whole thing at one sitting. But the menu itself is not the purpose for being at the table. The meal and the intimacy are the reason for the menu's exisitance.

In short, if I only read my Bible, but never look up to see Jesus there waiting to share the meal with me, I will be left with only an extensive knowledge of what someone can order. But I will starve in frustration unless I

a) realize it is the guide to something deeper than the paper and knowledge

b) order from it trusting that the item promised will be delivered

c) look up and enjoy the presence of Jesus while I'm waiting for the promise

d) enjoy the promise delivered as something to be shared in fellowship and intimacy WITH Jesus.

Ironically, we get to choose.


©2021 Lydia D Crouch

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