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Day 5: Finding Lydia

Today was a skort from Costco. My ON shoes. My thrifted LL Bean oxford button down. A summer blue tank.

We were headed to the lavender field so that I could prep for a class I will teach there next week. Mornings can be chilly, but we've been getting great warm days this week so I needed to be able to transition.

I'm kinda loving this monochromatic or duo-chromatic color scheme. I've been reading about how pleasing and refined using no more than 3 colors can be. It's beginning to make sense.

Today's reading was about facing the inevitable challenges without giving up. We had to write down our excuses for giving up in the past. Arrrgh. Mine were:

(identifying lies and recognizing truth are in italics)

•"No one" wears what I would like to wear here. (We're not in Paris, Toto.)

•I'm not into neutrals which are so trending.

•I should spend money on charity, not myself - guilt is not a foundation for a healthy life.

•I can't afford good quality clothes - but slow fashion actually saves money, the environment and reduces waste or overwhelm

I've gained so much weight, I feel like nothing looks good on me. Those pants are want are a size 2 on a 5'7" model. WHAT?! I'll never look good in clothes because I'll never be that thin or even close to it! - the better I feel about myself, the easier it will be to change my eating habits. If I celebrate my now, it will pave the way for a better "to come."

•I have o place to wear the clothes I like - that's actually true if I'm afraid to stand out. But if I go ahead and wear them anyway, I'll develop courage and it may actually pave the way for me to a better place.

I'm embarrassed to look nice - somewhere I picked up shame when I look good and shame when I don't. The never enough thoughts are not from God. He's interested in what we wear. He clothes us in righteousness. And it seems that what He does inside should be reflected in ALL we do: how we work, how we speak, how we worship, how we eat, how we move .... and what we wear. (WHY is that last one sooo hard to even type out? Father, show me where the root of that lie got planted and how to weed it out in a healthy way so that I'm not just pulling the top off, but really getting to the core of it.

By the end of the day, I'm in this:

Yeah. I paint ceilings too. Our bathroom is getting a redo so I throw on things that I can wipe paint on. White by my face, a too bright blue. But it's a good lesson to compare how I look in my seasonal palette above as opposed to colors that wash me out. Maybe I'll go to the thrift store and find junk clothes in my best color palette? It might keep me feeling better?

How to sum up the day: People liked me either way. I went and helped a friend choose paint colors and was between paint coats on our bathroom. It was appropriate, but I noticed her paint clothes were actually in her color palette and she had on makeup. I like that. Noted...

Oh, and this painting outfit cuts me in half. I need to work on that dropped waist 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. It really does work.

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