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Mushy hearted decor

TIP: When creating a focal point over a wide piece of furniture such as a sideboard or couch, using more than one painting can be your perfect escape from "couch art" - you know, the one big painting that hangs over the couch with nothing else to sing harmony. BONUS TIP: Group something organic with soft edges to bring interest and harmony when hanging two symmetrical images.

I love the memories behind things. It makes me feel peaceful and happy in my home. Each item in this pic has a story behind it.

The wreath is from a friend who knew how much I loved hers and found me one to have for my very own. I move all around the house to enjoy it in different lighting, seasons, etc. Friendships are like that too.

The paintings are were done from my desire to learn how to paint reflection. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. just taking my time and breaking it down into shapes and values. The silver pattern was my Mama Lillie, the same grandmother the sideboard came from. She was a fabulous cook, most famous for her pound cakes.

(If you’re super Southern, you may know what a “sad streak” is. It’s when you start the cake in a cold oven which causes some of the butter and sugar to form its own yummy gooey layer topped with a sugary crust that is so much better than any frosting!)

Because I’m not a true minimalist, I like to balance thing with a little asymmetry. The candle holder wave was a find from my mama. It has a little dent in it, but so do I.

The paintings are 12”x24” acrylic on canvas and won a competition judged by one of my favorite artists, Dianna Shyne. Someday, I will meet her!


©2020 Lydia D Crouch

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