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a ring of thorns

A while back, we watched a show. I forget which one, but probably The Amazing Race. In one episode, the teams were in Africa in safari country. They met their guide and the very first thing they did even before water was to build a huge corral of thorn bushes. THEN they got water and food. That night, they all came inside the corral, gathered around a warm fire and ate together and rested.

Then, as they settled to sleep, the lions came. You could hear them grunting, breathing, pacing. In a few tiny gaps, you could even see a lions eyes reflecting in the fire. It was frightening even to watch on tv. However much tv dramatized aspects for this “reality” show, the lions were very real!

The only possible way for the enemy to get in would be for them to open the gate from the inside.

But they didn’t open the gate! The exhausted team was safe together inside that crown of thorns.

So that’s where I see you two and your team. Safe inside that crown of thorns. Soberly aware that the enemy is real, but safe where you dwell inside the place where Jesus’ thoughts are your feedback, your rest, and your definition of identity. Dining with him in the presence - but not the company - of the enemy.

They were sent out again, but they went out rested and ready.


©2021 Lydia D Crouch

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