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A shift in sales

If there is one thing I know for sure, I am absolutely horrible at selling. People who are great at selling are not typically full disclosure types. I am.

People who are good at selling seem to only see the wonderful benefits of their "product" and only talk about that. They are pretty confident their stuff is so good that any down sides will work themselves out for the buyer. But they won't be there to see that happen because they are typically the type of person who is on the the next great adventure.

I am not going to deny what I love about something I do, or create. But I tend to voice the faults of it as well. And the faults of myself. I am learning to just be quiet. To be thankful for what they see. And to not ruin it for them by pointing out all the faults.

I now feel alive when someone just looks at my work and wants it. That is happening more and more, but it is almost a comfort when I am not there at the purchase point. I want for them to let it be all their own, to see in it what they want to see.

That is a paradigm shift for me. I used to feel like I wanted them to see what I see in it. All my raw and glorious soul poured out into every part of it.

But now, it's enough to know for myself what is in it.


Lydia C

©Lydia D Crouch

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