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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Some randomness: Yesterday, we picked up Davis from the airport. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get the 1 1/2 drive done. When we were 1:11 minutes away, he was 20 minutes from landing. But between so many incidents and Davis sitting on the runway after landing, we picked him up curbside within 10 minutes of his getting his luggage. I realized I was tense. I like to be there early and hug the first sight of my kiddos when they fly in. It was pouring rain and SO many accidents. And Rich and I had not stopped moving since we woke up this morning between work and a meeting afterwards and then the drive. HOWEVER, thinking about Living Lightly, I untensed my legs, relaxed my hands, put on some old Paul Simon and we got there at exactly the same time it would have taken if I had stayed tense.

Trying new things: This site had THE most yummy oatmeal, banana pancakes. Gluten free. No sugar.

Plan to try more of her recipes. SO easy!

Things to write about soon: How the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and how that is blowing my mind.

I'm gonna: spend only 30 minutes at a time on this today. Make no laws. Maybe do it differently tomorrow.

What feels heavy today: Trying to figure out how to live this 365 before I do it. LOL. The pile of old papers on my desk. My dirty kitchen floor.

I'd like to: re-learn how to link my blog to my IG post. I've forgotten.

Flash backs and ah hah's: I lost a pound this morning. Not gonna weigh every day. It's just a number.

Learned that the Holy Spirit cares more than I do. (more on that after it marinates in my heart a little more).

I'm not a failure if I have to pull out of something I started. Ick. That's a heavy.

Oh - this was fun: If you read my day 1, I think I mentioned how just one bite tasted so much better than 3 or more of sugar? Well, we have a tradition of stopping at Dick's Hamburgers on the way home from any airport run. I craved their chocolate shake but wasn't hungry. Normally, I'd get one anyway because I don't want to feel left out. But Davis let me have one sip of his and a fresh hot french fry. It was enough and I didn't feel sick. So that was fun.

reflection: Psalm 27

In this psalm/song/poem, David says "I'm asking for just one thing." Wow. If that doesn't lighten up my life, nothing will. I'm typically asking God so many much things! What if I asked him for just this one thing? To live/dwell in His house. To live where He lives. To be at home with Him. OK. This is a game changer. Right? Don't we tend to talk to God as if He's far away? I mean, I don't schedule breakfast with Rich on my calendar. He and I love each other and just do life together. We schedule other relationships. Sure, we make special plans, but I don't limit Rich to 30 minutes a day, first thing in the morning.

There's more here for me. More to write. But I hear my son's footsteps upstairs. So I'm headed to make his breakfast and to maybe take 10 sheets of paper off that heavy paper pile. I'll let you know what I learn.


Visited with Davis. Got a few things done. Didn't touch that paper pile. Made eggplant parmesan which is much more complex than stuffed eggplant but makes a nice supper.

Honestly, I'd bread and bake a serve without sauce. That part was yummy and crispy.

We worked a puzzle with Gammie and played games and watched a cooking show.

Relaxing day overall.

Ate lightly and enjoyed the fellowship of my meals more.

Ready for bed.

no deep thoughts to report. lol



©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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