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small steps

Today was my day. We all have them. That day when the confinement closes in. I am an introverted people person. I hadn’t been able to paint. So. Many. Sweet. Interruptions. Every single moment spent with the people I love the most. But I need to paint uninterrupted and alone sometimes. I went upstairs. No internet. I went outside and froze. I put on headphones and the battery died. I put the music on. The phone rang. I sang louder to overcome. The conversations matched my volume. Then I asked. Just a simple ask. “Could you maybe?” My sweet family get me. Left me alone with music to worship. This simple heart took so many strokes to even start to cover my cry-out feelings. Then it struck me. That’s how it is with renewing my mind. Just one simple repeated step after another, again and again. Feelings are just those things that make me run to Jesus. They are ushers, not destinations. #coronareflections #lydiaccreativelife #paintyourhrartout #hearts #acrylicpainting #prayerplay #timetopaint

©2020 Lydia D Crouch

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