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Welcome to my new digs. (What?! I don't talk like that...) I'm over the moon you're here! (...hmmm...not me either....) I have the answers you've been looking for. (...too pretentious)

Hi. (better)

My name is Lydia. What's yours?

I'm here at least once a week to hang out and talk. But I might be here more often because I love to talk and ask questions and learn and think and look and make friends and...

Here's my family.

I love them so much. I waited a long time for them. We love each other and laugh a lot. We're pretty normal... until we're not. Rich is my guy and still turns my heart mushy. I love being Mrs. C. Davis and Laina are in their twenties now and launched. I'm sure I'll talk about them a lot.

But above all, I am a Jesus follower. I love him best and most. I talk about him a lot because... well, he's awesome!

Here are some stats of things I love: blue/green, Spring, laughter, baby things, painting, writing, drama, poetry, music of all kinds (well, almost all kinds), traveling, trying new things, meeting new people, novels, learning, decorating, DIY videos... ok that's enough.

It's late and I'm working at an art show tomorrow. Gotta go get some sleep!

More soon,

©2019 Lydia D Crouch

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