Who are you going to Corona?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The word Corona means "crown."

To crown someone means we give them authority.

Sometimes the world crowns someone out of fear. Here's what I think.

The real virus is not Corona. The real virus going around here is fear.

As I write this, I can remember Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and other truly tragic illnesses that scared us. But I have never seen the world wrapped in this "pandemania" before.

I am concerned. But I am not afraid.

We flew in and out of Seattle the week it began to publicize itself. So of course, it’s on my mind. The day after we returned home, my dad called to say that the senior care center where he lives is on lock down. There are no cases in his facility, but they are being smart. I am thankful for telephones! We had the very best chat ever.

My daughter is in Hawaii with YWAM. Her school is two weeks from sending teams all over the world to tell them they are loved. But as of yesterday, they are all being sent home for safety precautions since travel is pretty much denied. And yet my girl has plans for worship nights and praise right here in our home. And while I wouldn’t have her miss the outreach experience for anything in the world, we get to see her this Tuesday! And I am thankful!!!!

Rich is a public school teacher. All Washington schools are shut down and toilet paper has shown itself to be the expression of our fear. But Rich and I are people with dreams. He has a book in him and so do I. I learned about the pomodoro method of approaching a task from my mentor friend Shelley Hitz, a fabulous writing coach. http://www.shelleyhitz.com/

So, Rich and I picked our couch and chair in separate rooms and actually started our books! And I leapt over a wall of fear to just do it. I love it when Rich and I are both creating. And I am over the moon thankful!!!!