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DAY 2: Finding Lydia

ick. Saw this look in a magazine. Liked it in theory but here's where I think it fell apart. Both black and white are winter colors. I maybe could cheat with black on the bottom, or a white tee with a blue jacket, but the two together made me feel tired. Also, the color blocking cut me in half rather than the 1/3 to 2/3 more pleasant ratio.

So I revamped to this.

Not perfect but better. Argh. Feeling reeeeally self conscious, but people felt Reeeeeallly comfortable with me today. I did feel feminine and put together. I'd like to focus more on honoring a vertical line. That will take time since I don't have the clothes in my closet to do it. However, the t came up higher than the white one did and this pic makes it look lighter than it is, so it did blend better vertically and added color to my face. I pulled my hair back on one side and wore pearls. Discovering that I can layer bracelets on my left wrist and it doesn't distract me while working or painting. I would like to loose 10 more pounds, but this is what I have to work with today. It hit my 3 style words and really opened up conversations.

In fact, one visitor ended up in tears over one of my paintings and hugs were shared. It was an amazing moment.

NOTE: This T has easy colors but still feels a bit "meh". I'd love to try a more tailored cropped cotton top that sits at mid rise level on me. I think the two soft volumes didn't quite hit the refined/french look I like.

Goal: To dress in a way that represents who I feel God made me. A creative yet somewhat classic (in Greek/European essence) female who is on the timeless, poetic side of style. To dress my body the way I dress my home and artwork.

Dream: Effortless Expressive Elegance

Does that even make sense? I don't know.

The plan: to dress who I am today with a vision that is realistic and fun and doable. And flexible enough to change with me whether I change cultures, locality, weight, job titles, ministry, video, etc.

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