DAY 2 of FEA Challenge

So the challenge... write a story, a hero type story where you face an obstacle, get over your fear and make it out a conqueror.

But, to be honest, I never feel like a hero. I wonder if real heroes ever do... I have a lot of real heroes in my life. I'll have to ask them...


Learning to fly on canvas

Rich, my husband, rolled over in bed. (I was still reading and he usually tumbled off to sleep before me.) With no preface whatsoever, he said, "It's time to a paint."

It was huge. I had given up on painting even though people wanted to hire me to paint "Kodak moments" or portraits or their dog or the cute thing they saw on pinterest...

I was talented, but not good. (I'll explain that in a minute.)

Back to Rich. I said, "OK. But I really need to take a class. I need someone to take me beyond this stuck place. I need to be with other real live people. And I HAVE to be able to ask questions!"

He said, "Good. Sign up. It's time."

Previously, this was a tiny sore spot because my husband - like so many men - is great at figuring things out by himself. He thinks I'm intelligent so he would always suggest just going for it on my own.

So like I said, this was HUGE.

And naturally, I did nothing. Sheer fear.

What if I can't do this? What if I can never really paint from my heart? Why do I always end up with muddy paintings? Yeah, no one else looks at them that way, but that's how I feel about them! I'm an imposter. All I can do is copy what I see (accurate), but I want to create (good)!

What will Dad think? I'm a grown woman, but my dad lived close by and was always hoping I would paint portraits like our friend Mary who would ask him to critique her work when she was struggling with any certain aspect of perspective, etc. My dad has a great eye for accuracy. He's an architect. But I wanted something that didn't have to be accurat