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Day 4: Finding Lydia

So, this is how I look most days of the week. I'm wearing old jeans, comfy shoes, a tank and everyone's favorite paint shirt. I get more requests for one of these shirts and then they realize it's the real deal. I did try to accessorize and create a vertical line.

But what I realize about this selfie assignment is over 70% of how I look is literally effected by my confidence. Here, look at these other pics.

I look 10 pounds heavier just because I'm pouting. LOL

Here is how I feel about what I've been wearing for 5 years. Boring. But, it's what I wear to paint.

Today's assignment was great in that it was facing the hard feelings. Why would good feelings be hard feelings? Because I'm afraid of the the deep ones I really want. Or do I really want them? Am I too old to want them? Is it ok to be so old and want them?

But asked what one possible outcome would be if I go through this transformation I might say that I will feel joyfully authentic and approachable. I might be someone who speaks out loud to women see Jesus and invite Holy Spirit into their heart open lives. I might have my best paintings sell and get to share the stories behind them. I might become a children's author.

The ripple effect of the above could be: If I speak, my words will be supported by what I wear rather than my clothes causing mixed signals. My closet could be as much fun as a blank canvas is. I won't be depressed at the beginning of the day. I might feel comfortable in my own body.

To review: a big part of my look needs to come from the inside.

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