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DAY 7: Reflection on Selfies

It's funny and ironic that on Day 7, Lauren Messiah has us look back over our selfies and reflect on our style, what works, what doesn't.

And this is day 7's outfit.

I'm behind on blogging this because I have been REALLY busy and consequently exhausted in turn.

But looking back over the pics shows me that my phone is a fun little capsule of my day. I desperately need to delete photos each week but here's why I'm dressed this way.

We're remodeling a bathroom and I was taking pics of how to get a straight line when you have contrasting colors meeting each other on the wall or ceiling. That's another post, but the assignment was to reflect on what things are consistent.

My current style is the same whether I do it badly or well. LOL


messy effortless, natural

basic/boring classic/refined

outside the box expressive/original

soft/comfy romantic/poetic

And most of what it takes to pull it off well is my thoughts and kindness toward myself.

For instance, I don't look good in white or black really. Those two colors wash me out even though they are classic staples. So even in my grubby paint clothes, I could wear colors that make me feel good. I can grab thrift store finds that I don't feel guilty covering in paint. If I wear colors that make me feel good, I'll do better work!

Fit: My body was made a Kibbie Flamboyant Natural. Looser fits work best and accentuating my vertical line is essential. I felt most frumpy when I cut myself in half visually. Monochromatic art clothes would be a start.

The more I pair my closet, the easier it is to get dressed! And trying to focus on my personal style done well simplifies things. I don't need to be dramatic or flashy.

Aha moments: I'd like a fair Isle creme sweater. I'd like soft white basics and pale pink neutrals. I kept needing a basic but only have white.

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