Do unusual things?

It's true.

God asks us to be different. So often we don't give our "yes" because we're afraid He'll ask us to do something strange. I mean, who wants to look weird in front of God and every body? Well, if we're honest, it's the "in front of everybody" that holds us back.

When I get all up in my "fear of man" mode, I pray bargain basement prayers. It will sound something like this, "OK, God. I'll make you a deal. If you don't ask me to do that weird thing, then I'll______. "

I mean, haven't you ever held back from praying for someone's healing to avoid "strange?" Will I be judged if nothing happens? Will I be judged if something does?"

But today, we were sitting on our bed praying for my husband to kick through this Covid thing. (Yes, that in itself is strange, I know.)

While we were praying, I had a daydream of a conversation with Jesus.

In the daydream, I was there feeling a wee bit awkward wondering if Jesus was going to ask us to be even more unusual.

I heard him say, "I can't promise I won't ask you to do something strange. But let's replace the word "strange" with "unusual." If I came for my bride, would she wear her normal clothes? Wouldn't it be lavished love if I gave here something unusual and stunning to wear? Unusual can be so full of my love that, when you say yes to it, you'll be blessed beyond your dreams."

Rich didn't jump up completely healed, but something happened and we all knew it.

And I've spent the rest of the day thinking about saying yes to strange and unusual life.

We are a strange house in many ways.