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Getting out of "meh"

My facebook friend, Sara Thurman, just posted a fabulous question. (Check her out. She's fabulous.)

I thought I might share my answer just to spur you on, whether you're creating art, decorating, planning a menu beyond spaghetti and burritos, or writing your own blog...

My answer:

"Such a good question: I find myself doing one of several things... #1 Paint messy with the intention of throwing it away, just to get rid of the "shoulds" Have fun not focusing. If you feel "meh", paint "meh" . Don't even focus on "Playing". #2. Look up. The sky is so limitless and the very act of physically looking up makes me realize I've been holding my breath in stress and grinding my teeth. #3 Make of list of beautiful things. Dreams. Then turn that into thankfulness that they even exist or could exist! #4 Do something to randomly encourage someone else. #5 Sing. These are game changers for me personally. Thanks for the reminder!!!!"


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