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Decorate for Fall: Step 2 - The Table

Fall, to me, means back to school nostalgia, wood, rocks, twigs, warm colors. And pumpkins. Always pumpkins.

So I clear off the table and let the wood top show.

This was my grandparent's table. It stays under a table cloth most times, but Fall just cries out for wood tables.

Next, add a runner to protect the finish. This one was a house warming gift I still love.

Then layer up with pieces we gathered over the years. The tea pot was Rich's mom's...and the book. The slate was from a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

Maybe this isn't trending. I really LOVE trends. But this is me. I love using things that have memories, nostalgia, history... family.

Bless you and yours! Take what you have, play a little and celebrate.


Lydia C

©2019 Lydia D Crouch

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