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Hope Floats up in The Loft

Four paragraphs. For paragraphs to justify my business baby’s existence. The average paragraph is about 200 words long. The average word use of a person per day is 7,000 words with many speaking more. I’ve just used 135 and haven’t even said anything. Sheesh.

Four paragraphs to say what makes The Loft completely unique for any other place.

When I go through all the words in my head, I think, “There’s nothing that explains what happens in The Loft.” Sure, you can look over the railing to see the ovens opening to send that amazing fresh baked smell wafting up to your table. When you park your car, you’re like to get a dusting of fresh roasted coffee ash making you all the more anxious to place your espresso order of coffee that has been roasted literally next door. Who cares if they ship all over the world!? This is Camano Island Coffee. OUR coffee. It belongs to “us” even if we are only on the Island for the day.

But other places have similar things.

Food keeps people coming back, but it’s more than that.

There’s no drive-through at the Commons. What makes people love getting out of their car, coming in to stand in a long line for something other places let you rush through and never really slow down for? And they all seem really happy about it?