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How to make a really simple wired bow

I'm feeling the need to be home focussed this year. I mean, I'm always about home, but sometimes it's about inviting guests over. This year, with all the restrictions, that's not an option. HOWEVER, it's still Christmas!!! But I'm not being fussy about it.

And somehow, going for a homespun vibe is lifting my spirits. Making me feel grateful for the pioneers who settle out here. Remembering that celebrating Christmas isn't about performance.

So here's a super simple bow to wire onto your wreath or garland.

All you need:

•Wired ribbon (6 ft)

•florist wire

•yard stick or tape measure


•wire clippers

Step 1: Cut two (2) strips of ribbon, 3 feet long.

Step 2: Fold one ribbon in thirds

Step 3: Step 3: Cut a 12" piece of wire with the wire cutters (or a junky pair of scissors)

Step 4: Wrap the wire around the middle of the folded ribbon with the ends toward the back. Twist tightly, cinching the ribbon at the middle. Leave the ends long!

Step 5: Lay the middle of the unfolded strip across the back of the cinched side of the folded ribbon. Make sure the wire ends are on either side of the ribbon.

Step 6: Tie the long strip around the folded bow once and pull the ends down under the folded strip.

You can now take the wires and feed them from the front of the wreath, through to the back and twist together to secure the bow. Fluff the ribbon and you're done!

If you want a fuller bow, simply make the folded piece 6 ft long and fold it 2 more times.


©2020 Lydia D Crouch

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