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So this week has been one of "those" weeks, and today in particular has been one of "those" days.

I started out with a list. A good list. A simple plan. Nothing too ambitious. Totally doable.

But it happened to be a list of 3 categories I personally don't like doing - at all. Cars. Banks. Groceries.

I went to the bank and had the wrong deposit slip clipped to a check. HOWEVER, my bank teller is quite possibly one of the most patient, cheerful, helpful people ever! She fixed it and we had a good laugh.

I went to get a headlight and new wipers. The guy asked me to pop the hood while he went to get his tools. I couldn't find it! HOWEVER, I felt a little better when he couldn't find it right away either. When he did find it, he showed me where it was.

I looked across the street and saw this sign. I laughed and thought, hang in there letter C. I know just how you feel.

Then the sales guy realized he couldn't install it because my car's access to the area required tools he didn't have. HOWEVER, he said I could go to the garage behind their building and they could easily do it. And they did! AND I had been looking for a new mechanic since ours sold his business. They were so helpful and just plain nice, I'll give them a happy try!

I went to the tire store, who checks your air for free, and tried to tip the service person. I said, "Sorry you had to stand in the rain to do this. Here's cash for a coffee to warm you up." She said, "How about if you go get me one?" Cheeky. But, OK. HOWEVER, I prayed for my presumptuous service person all the way to the coffee stand and back. Had a sweet chat with the barista and had fun doing something a little generous.

Then I went to grocery store. I'm not a fan. I get overwhelmed by way too many choices. I never know where to look for things. And they had moved a lot of things so I was even more lost. Why can't the organic apples just have a consistent spot? HOWEVER, my friend Lisa called from Alabama. She literally led me through a store she's never been in! "Where do I look for cranberry sauce?" "In the canned fruit." "Why can't I see the olives? I've look at every jar here in the vegetables." "Because they're over with the pickles." "Can I find meringue powder in the normal store, or do I have to go to Michaels." "It's in the baking area." "Nope." "Then just go to the end of the isle at the Bob's Red Mill and get powdered egg substitute." And she made me laugh so hard.

An older gentleman walked up to me and just started talking. I pointed to my ear phones - normal signal that you're on the phone - but he just said, "I don't have my glasses. Could you tell me what that says?" He pointed to his can. "Shrimp and Salmon bits." Lisa said, "Please tell me you're not going to eat that." Me: "No! I was reading the man's cat food can!"

We spent my normally laborious grocery trip swapping hysterical stories of why it is that people can't just cancel things these days. Our landline still rings even though we cancelled it three times. Her computer still plays music even though she cancelled that plan in order to sign up for a more simple one. Her husband died and the cable service won't cancel it without his consent. My dad's insurance sent a final check to "the estate of James H Davis" but the bank can't deposit it unless we have an account named "the estate of..." It's just gotten hysterical. All things things represent hours - and days - and weeks - of calls and followup. HOWEVER, our friendship has gotten sweeter through the laughter when we would otherwise cry.

Covid has shut down the coffee seating and all my workshops. HOWEVER, I'm able to just relax into the season now and enjoy my family.

I find myself using the word HOWEVER all the time now! I LOVE THAT WORD! Inside every challenge, I've found a reason to be thankful. Sometimes I have to dig through a lot of "fertilizer" to get to it. But, there are diamonds for the persistent thanker.

What "howevers" are you discovering?

Happy digging!

©2020 Lydia D Crouch

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