So this week has been one of "those" weeks, and today in particular has been one of "those" days.

I started out with a list. A good list. A simple plan. Nothing too ambitious. Totally doable.

But it happened to be a list of 3 categories I personally don't like doing - at all. Cars. Banks. Groceries.

I went to the bank and had the wrong deposit slip clipped to a check. HOWEVER, my bank teller is quite possibly one of the most patient, cheerful, helpful people ever! She fixed it and we had a good laugh.

I went to get a headlight and new wipers. The guy asked me to pop the hood while he went to get his tools. I couldn't find it! HOWEVER, I felt a little better when he couldn't find it right away either. When he did find it, he showed me where it was.

I looked across the street and saw this sign. I laughed and thought, hang in there letter C. I know just how you feel.

Then the sales guy realized he couldn't install it because my car's access to the area required tools he didn't have. HOWEVER, he said I could go to the garage behind their building and they could easily do it. And they did! AND I had been looking for a new mechanic since ours sold his business. They were so helpful and just plain nice, I'll give them a happy try!

I went to the tire store, who checks your air for free, and tried to tip the service person. I said, "Sorry you had to stand in the rain to do this. Here's cash for a coffee to warm you up." She said, "How about if you go get me one?" Cheeky. But, OK. HOWEVER, I prayed for my presumptuous service person all the way to the coffee stand and back. Had a sweet chat with the barista and had fun doing something a little generous.