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I give up!

There are SO many videos on how to succeed. How to lose weight. How to be beautiful. How to find your true self. How to do anything but be content as you are.

I am sick of it!

I am not here with anything today but thoughts and words. Words. The world was created with them!

I am a child... I am a child of LIFE!

You know what? Today I felt fat. Today I felt old. Today I felt depressed. Today I felt insecure and rejected.

And today, I told myself the truth. I am his child.

If I had a chubby child, I would love her. If I had tired child, I would love her. If my child was having a bad day, I would love her.

If I'm just a girl in a growing-old body who would love my child, how much more would my Heavenly Papa love me?

I want to get out of this rut of thinking of myself and less than He thinks of me. It seems so proud, but really? REALLY? Isn't it more pride to think that my own opinion is something I should bow to more than the opinion of the one who made me? To insist on believing my own opinion over the King's is beyond arrogance.

It would be true humility to agree.


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