I hear the water running

As I typed that title, I thought, "Most people will read that and think maybe I am out camping by a beautiful mountain stream." LOL

It's not nearly so deep.

I hear the water running upstairs, which means someone is awake and soon my time alone will morph into breakfast prep, encouragement giving and the joy of loving on my "fambam" as Laina labeled us.

But I'm here with HS. I am so guilty of running off before I sit to listen. Argh. Sorry, HS.

OK - here's the deal.

I keep trying to BE something, even here in this blog and this website. I keep trying to be impressive so people will like me. I keep forgetting how loved I am. How secure in Jesus' arms. Those same arms He stretched out on the cross to give me this security.

About this blog and this website... I kid you not, launching this thing has been one of the biggest spiritual battles of. my. life!

I started with wordpress, who I LOVE.... but "this bed is too big!" said Lydialocks.

Then I went to Weebly. After wordpress and all it's options I felt like "this bed is too small"

Then I landed here at WIX. I'm learning my way around, but it does seem that "this bed is just right"

But THAT was not the real battle.

The real battle was ME.