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I'm FALLing

FALL is officially here. I would have wanted to be decorating today. But my girlfriend's mama just passed away. Now, I want to be with her.

I'm not good at this. My brother died in the Fall.

You'd think, having lost, you'd know what to say. I don't. I am never more speechless.

And I'm not a great cook - at all. So to take a meal is an invitation to fail them.

All I know to do is give her my day. I will clean toilets, sit while she sorts photos, heat water for tea or tuck her blanket under her feet. I will even chop carrots, if that's what would bless her.

But before I head over, I'll go get something that celebrates FALL! She is a lovely decorator! I'll find something that lets her breathe in a little, maybe.

And then I will come home and pull out some golden things and let this season be good.

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