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So, I've been thinking about light. The most powerful painters of light have a secret. They know how to master their darks.

It's in the contrast that the light is most vibrant.

Here's a detail of a Jed Dorsey painting up in The Loft right now. Jed slays me with his mastery of color and shadow - and LIGHT.

Come see the 36x36 full image at The Loft

And here's a typical painting of mine at this point in my skill level. It's better than I was even a year ago, but I'm not quite the boss of my own painting.

It's sweet and I love it, but the depth of "pixie dust" is something I'm still aspiring toward

However, this swan made me happy. It may be the closest I've ever gotten to being a master over the dark.

See how much more vibrant this one is than my little robin? I got excited. I'm learning to be braver. Letting go of "what should I do" and saying "why not try this idea?"

So as I think about LIGHT today, I realize a small distinction. I want to be a master over the dark, not of the dark. The dark doesn't get to be in charge, but nor do I have to be afraid of the dark.

That thing that looked like a tiger in the dark room of my imagination just needed a flick of a switch. In the light, it's just a couch. I was afraid of my own fantasies gathered in a worry basket of "what if's" and too heavy to carry.

Time to lighten up.

Intention: Let the light in to the darkest hidden places.



©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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