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LIVE LIGHTLY: Day 20 I messed up

Over committing comes with excitement for me. I get all jazzed about transitions and feel like I can do ANYthing, like start a 365 blog and think I'll never miss a day.

Sure, it was a great idea. Truly! But not a life giving idea.

Sheesh. Do you ever say something and then hear it for the first time? That just happened right here.

So, in the space of Living Lightly, I'm gonna try to back up, slow down and do more. By that, I mean entertain an idea with all the excitement - but then breathe, let it marinate, ask the Lord if it's something He wants us to do together, walk in peace and THEN decide.


One more diet effort. When will I ever learn that every time I focus on losing weight, I gain. But when I focus on loving life, I level out.

Even the 365 Bible reading app. I wanted to keep up with my daughter, to have something fresh to share with her and talk about. But I can't keep up. I'm absolutely LOVING the reading plan. But I can't rush through so much goodness. She'll be lapping me, but that's OK. The point is to fall in love with the word. And I'm totally doing that in a fresh way - only more slowly, more thoughtfully, more tenderly than when I try to keep up. I can't journal fast enough, it's all so rich. I'm behind, but I'm not a failure.

And I brought it all to Jesus. Lord, why am I so different? Why can't I do these thing like everyone else?

Because you are trying to be EVERYone else all at once. Darling, when have I ever asked you to be like everyone else. You being you is you being different. That makes you who you are.

So onward. Only differently.

In fact, I'm going to quit numbering the days in my blog titles. I get confused and panicked. I'll do something different. Something less demanding.

In the meantime, I painted a lot today.

Here's a 30 brushstroke challenge that turned out sweetly.

Enjoy yourself today. I mean it. Enjoy your self, so intricately and lovingly created to be uniquely and wonderfully you.



©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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