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LIVING LIGHTLY: Day 12 (Day 1 of a new season)

Today is DAY 1 of a whole new season.

Rich is now retired.

Who knew - certainly not us - how monumental this would feel?

But, honestly, we're already dreaming again. I love that he came up to see the new show I got to hang today.

I love that I found an eating plan to play with for ideas, because I'm out of them.

I love that friends from Alabama are coming.

We're catching up on things we had to postpone till we got past the finish line. Finding an electrician, someone to repair the sidewalk, ordering house repair things, getting the car to the shop, even getting to Costco. It's just been a ride to the end.

I'm so proud of Rich and SO thankful, Lord that you kept him sane and healthy.

Both of us need to hear from you, Lord. How would you like for us to proceed?

I know that worry is not in your tool box. In fact, you throw it in the trash, I think.

So teach us, please? Teach us how to listen more clearly than ever. To walk more peacefully and purposefully in step with You. And to never run ahead just to feel like we are in control.

Thanks for the day. It was good.

As for living lightly, I think today was about exercise. I feel free to explore. A barre workout and 2 walks felt great. I've never done a barre workout quite like the one I found. Loved it.

I DO have abs after all. LOL. I know this because they're sore in a good way.



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