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LIVING LIGHTLY: Day 13 rest unstressed

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Today, I'm going to use a lesson I learned from Matt. Batch and multiuse material. i.e. when you write or produce something, let it serve several purposes.

So today's blog is the contents of my newsletter. I have houseguests coming tomorrow so there's dusting to be done.

Here's who I am today:

Whew! Since my last newsletter which was so full of typos and errors I'm embarrassed I sent it, SO much has happened!

And so much was in the process of happening when I tried to write that last letter. My head was in the middle of a full spin.

Davis and Laina came back together from S. Africa. (Laina was on outreach and Davis lives there now.) We all met for a wedding in Santa Barbara, CA. Then Rich and I flew home to finish out his final year of teaching. As of 2 days ago, he is officially retired!

This is SO good...and SOoooo weird.

Davis came home for a surprise 10 day rest. He was wiped out and we stayed quiet and on the down low. He flew out the morning of Rich's last day of work.

So much "goodbye" in one day.


In the middle of all this, Rich and I found ourselves asking,

"So who are we now?"

Honestly? We're pretty much still us.

I still love to write, paint, create, explore new things. I still have a constant compulsion to change. Otherwise, I'm bored senseless. I still have a fundamental daily ache and hunger to hear from Jesus. Yet, I squirm and run and flit and flee before I sit still enough to realize He's closer than my breath and waiting for me to be still enough to listen.

I have now blogged my Living Lightly journey for 12 days. I'm uncovering lots of clutter to let go of: emotional clutter, physical clutter, mental clutter, tech clutter.

It's like when you get a good hair cut; you're still you but you feel lighter because you let her get rid of what's not part of who you want to be.

At the same time, I have a tendency to start too many things at one time. In the last month, I decided to try to start a new eating plan, workout routine, painting practice, jewelry line, website update, bible reading plan, goal setting/time blocking strategy, thankful journal, daily pages. Somewhere in here, I'm trying to add in a cleaning routine and be more caring for my friends. We haven't even gotten to The Loft yet.

And yes, I really truly do throw all these plates up in the air at one time thinking naively that I've suddenly turned into a different person with super hero skills and training. And of course, in my planning, I see myself in my unstoppable 20's rather than my oh-so-much-more-than-twenty stage of life.

Just who am I trying to impress? Where does this pressure come from? and why am I listening to "them" when "they" are just looking for my purchase of their product to validate their existence.

Sooooooo.... today - pause - I'm doing today.

What does that look like? I don't plan to as much as I hope to paint a prayer page and do a 30 stroke challenge.

I hope to release (rather than conquer) my tie to looking at food as a fix when I panic. If I can choose to eat something, I can use that same "chooser" to just start what I'm scared to do. I am highly capable to choose.

I choose joy today.

Wanna come?




PS Interesting. Felt REALLY called to go to a wedding in Nashville. The wedding is Saturday and Sunday is open that weekend. Got an email from Rock House Center that the Washington staff will be in Nashville for a community event --- on that Sunday that we just happen to be there. This, after I had asked Rich if he would ever consider going through the program and being more closely connected in some way. We will see how it rolls out, but we are planning to go, I think.

©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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