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So I'm struggling. I've never succeeded at any kind of 365 in my entire life. I'm not naturally wired for linear success.

Not that I haven't been focused, mind you.

It's on my mind ALL. THE TIME.

Yesterday, we went to Taproot Theater. Before the play, we ate Asian food. It was a foggy view. The restaurant we thought we were going to has ceased to exist, actually, so we just punted.

The sky needle was a bit surreal looking and, as we ate, it became completely obscured.

But we knew it was there because we've seen it on a clear day, been up in it several times, enjoyed the higher up view from the top, even eaten a fine meal up there.

So even if we couldn't see it, we knew it was real.

We got a carry out box knowing that we didn't want to leave it in the car as bait. Plus it would not sit well until we got home. But we had parked next to a homeless person's tent. So instead of being afraid that our car would be broken into for a meal, we decided to leave it for the tenant so they wouldn't be tempted and maybe have a warm meal. When we put it at what we hoped was a place they'd find it, there was no sign of life. But we left it just in case.

Sometimes, living lightly means letting go, even if you don't have a clear view and are working in the fog. Even if you don't know what the outcome will be and you can't control if there will even be an outcome.



©2023 Lydia D Crouch

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