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Love lets go

I have been going through a 16 week course called Be Transformed from Rock House Center based out of Nashville. They have one other remote office, which happens to be an hour from my home.

I am speechless. I can't seem to put words around how profound the experience has been. It has been a journey.

How can a mother describe in words that moment she gazes into her newborn's face? Sure. You can try, but it is for her heart alone with that child.

Sometimes seasons of our lives are like giving birth. One season gives birth to another.

We are to lean in, but not to strive.

Pain in childbirth was fruit of the curse. God is before pain. And there is no pain in His birthing of dreams, unless we strive. But that is our doing, not his.

WIth Him, there is simply giving way to release, welcome, acceptance, nurture and a separation of sorts. You must let go of what has only been held in your heart.

Like the mother who has loved the baby in her her womb, and aches to hold that baby in her arms, it comes at the sacrifice of having that baby outside of her. Outside of that place where she alone held her child. Shared her heartbeat with her little one. Dreamed dreams into who they would become.

Like babies, dreams - given birth - get joyfully held by others. It is the way of Family.

Love lets go. Love gives birth. Love rejoices. Love shares. And still love treasures and watches to see what wonder will grow up to be.

This morning, I've been dreaming and I find myself expecting.

I find myself sitting in wonder at being given these dreams at all.

And like Mary, I am curious as to how these dreams could possibly happen. From my perspective they are impossible given who I am.

But I just looked up that passage in Luke 1 to read again about Mary's response to being given a Word from God. I am struck by the fact that when Mary asked that question, "How can this possibly happen given who I am," part of Gabriel's answer was that someone "too old" was experiencing a miracle.

And y'all! I never ever noticed these next words in this way. In King James, the angel says, "For with God nothing shall be impossible." I love that. I love the word "with" so much.

But today, my laptop opened up this passage in the NIV. There's another layer to the words. It says,

"For no word from God will ever fail."

It takes it from a generality to a personal specific this morning for me.

When God plants a Word in us, when He speaks about His dreams of what I get to do WITH Him, it becomes specific. It becomes personal and intimate. It would be so wrong to abort this with doubt, fear, envy, comparison, striving, worry. It is a holy thing to ponder, protect, cherish and wait for as it grows to maturity.

I heard from the Lord this morning. I journaled things I will share with only Him until He brings it about.

My heart is peaceful and I join with Mary in saying,

“I am the Lord’s servant. May it happen to me according to your word.”

©2022 Lydia D Crouch

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