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My say... and we're probably done

I'm gonna say just a couple of things and then I'll be talking about what I love, because that's what I'm made to do.

Who can go through quarantine, Black Lives Matter, turning 60, launching kids, welcoming them back due to Covid, yada yada... and not feel like you want to say something profound?

But is it just me? Or are we all a wee bit weary of words word words?

So much fear producing material is being featured, but I see deeper things happening.

And I keep hearing WAKE UP!!!

COVID 19 and BLM are potentially like a magician's slight-of-hand. While we're all looking at the red scarf he's waving around in his right hand, he's pulling a snake out of his left pocket.

So, can I dip in the left pocket a minute?

I heard in someone in a webinar lately - which one I can't remember - that the people who have made a mark on their present day all had eternity in their heart. Even my planner software states that you will get more done in your short moments if you have a long term goal.

But depression and discouragement seem to be the salt and pepper we are sprinkling liberally on our daily diet of social media and politics. This, to me, is really alarming.

So many voices. So much being reported with a filter. Every statement's "truth" is on a sliding scale that moves toward good or evil depending on the speaker. Isn't that exactly what the tree of good and evil actually is? Isn't that exactly what the Snake knew? If we continue to try to nourish ourselves off that tree, that sliding scale, we'll die.

All I can see being gained from arguing is more arguing. I think that there's another tree to eat from.

There's the tree of life, right? We were pretty much cut off from it till Jesus came. But He came to dwell in us, make His home in us. And He is LIFE. We don't have to starve.

Let me tell you a story. One night when the kids were itty bitty and shared a room, I walked in after they were asleep to pray over them. I did this all the time. But leaning over Davis' bed, on this night, was a dark brooding presence. Having never seen anything like this in my life, I said, "Lord, what do I do?!" He said, "Worship. Love me with your whole being. It is not my hatred of fear that casts out evil. It is my LOVE." So that's exactly what I did. And am still learning to do. Love casts out all fear.

So, this is most likely all I will say in any political direction and it is this:

People are on the heart of God.

People have names.

People require love to become who they are meant to be.

Any group or individual that seeks to dehumanize a person at any stage or condition of his/her life is wrong - born/unborn, this nation/that nation, this color/that color, old/young, right/left/swirly, actors/models/blue collar/executive...

That person has a name.

That person is on the heart of God.

Abraham Lincoln's voice is still someone I listen to with reverence. I had to think about this one before I realized how much wisdom it held.

But I think maybe George MacDonal said it best, so I will close letting his words ring in your heart rather than mine.


©2020Lydia D Crouch

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