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So good to listen

This was one of those paintings that I absolutely loved, but wasn’t necessarily “sellable” like a landscape or florals might be.

The shoes were there completely from my imagination. Shoes are weird to draw, so I did use lots of references to stare at for angles, but I wasn’t trying to capture the realism.

I was trying to capture the phrase from the Bible that says, “How beautiful … are the feet of that person who brings good news…”

And I loved the colors and where I went.

But it sat on the wall for way too long.

When that happens, I start asking, “So, Lord. Do I drop the price. Do I give it away? Do I paint over it?" I'm always asking. Trying to listen. Trying to not miss the fun.

So in walks a family - a mom and two kids - looking like they're in the middle of a full day. Kids and art don't always mix. But these kids were special. They truly saw what they were looking at.

And then it happened. They saw the shoes. Clustered around the painting to look at it together. Left it to look at other things. Came back to it.

Is it for her, Lord?


This is always an awkward moment. How do you approach someone and just give them an expensive painting?

Suddenly, they left and I went and grabbed the painting and hoped I didn't lose them. I followed their voices in the marketplace downstairs and just blurted out, "Hi. Um. I saw you three looking at this and, well, I'd like to give it to you. I wondered who it was for. You really saw it."

She insisted on paying and I told her, no. She started crying and said, "Yes. We really do see it. We're remodeling and living in our garage, but this will hang in my daughter's room! Why are you doing this?!"

I whispered, "What do you want to tell her, Lord?"

Tell her she matters.

"I'm giving it to you so that you can be reminded that you matter."

She said, "Wow. You have no idea. But why are you doing it?"

"Oh, I love Jesus. And He loves you."

She whispered, "I love him so much."

The kids without prompting thanked me with a sincerity you don't see in kids that age anymore.

I wrapped it for her and learned that she is the sister of one of the artists I work with in The Loft! I had no idea.

How sweet is this little circle of friends here on our island...

And how sweet is our Savior.


©2021 Lydia D Crouch

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