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The Question God Loves

I finished this yesterday at the studio. Two separate men came up and said, “I can literally hear the music coming out if that barn.” Wow.

But I still question myself. Last night, I went to bed thinking, “What if I fail? Lord, this control thing I grew up under is really just their fear for me... and I thought I had to wear this old garment because it is what they gave me to wear not realizing it didn’t fit me at all."

Then I prayed,

“Father, would you talk to me about this?”

Must be one of His favorite questions

because ALL day long he taught me.

Just because that coat is hanging in your family closet doesn't mean you have to wear it.

@onebeautifullifeco taught me. @matttommeymentoring taught me @charliemackesy taught me @just_laina taught me. I even stumbled upon a new to me artist @jeanrupprechtart who voiced my soul today and whose art refreshed me like a good playlist. I am stepping out snd painting my heart out, quite literally. I am learning so much that at times my head hurts. But I do know this. I am growing out if this fear garment that was given me to wear—and it is ripping and falling away as I outgrow. You know what I fear the most? Having fun...Fear, you are a liar. We’re breaking up. #fearisaliar #breakingupwithfear #lydiaccreativelife #acrylicprayers


Lydia C

©2019 Lydia D Crouch

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