the thing about breakthrough

There are buzz words that float around the Church. They are wonderful because you hear this vocabulary and suddenly you can see what the Lord is up to with His people, not just in one denomination or one location or one "movement" (another buzz word), but all over the place.

Three or four years ago, one of those words floating around in music and message was "breakthrough" and it was needed. I personally needed it desperately. I experienced some tremendous change in my life in areas where I had been completely stuck. I had some nasty emotional garbage to take out. And I even experienced some dramatic physical healing. (They told me I'd be going in for chemo and - insert miracle - they couldn't find any cancer.) But that's a story for another day. There are so many reasons to need breakthrough and if you're going to grow, you absolutely need to have it.

But you can't plow backwards.

I was praying for a couple of people I love "better than dirt" a few days ago. And suddenly I watched a scene play out in my mind. There was a farmer from the pioneer days - strong, good looking, young and highly capable. The land was good. The plow horse was fit and ready. The plow was a gift and suited perfectly for the task. The weather was perfect for plowing.

But the farmer was sitting backwards on the plow letting the horse go where he assumed it knew to go, reigns slack. He was focussed on where he had been.

But you can't plow backwards.

And I understood.

Breaking up ground is similar to breakthrough. A plowed field is a thing of beauty and there's an excitement in it. Something fresh! Something new is coming!

But the farmer who expects and needs a crop needs to have some vision. He needs to head toward a goal.

So many of us (guilty here) are in the habit of looking backwards at where we've come from, who hurt us, what we have to overcome, aching for something new.