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The world is so noisy

I'm sitting in a quiet room in front of a quiet tree in my quiet - no one is awake yet - house. We all have Covid. When you're the mom, you still go take care of everyone, then sleep. Then do it again. Then sleep.

I'm tired. But mostly, I find I'm tired of noise.

If I see one more screaming headline of a $300 value being offered for just $100, I may just make some noise... like a scream.

There's that cheesy music behind the time lapse videos of life hacks.

There's the skinny girl telling you that you need to know just one secret about your hormones to get your Hollywood body, because THEN you can be happy... but you have to watch an hour long video with no pause button to find out how to order the vitamin before the timer runs out.

And they are ALL the same. Cheap tricks. And I will not get rich by refusing to play off people's fears but I just can't.

Some of the products are actually worth it, but I'm becoming jaded and suspicious. I don't trust anything in print or video any more. That's rather sad.

Granted, I'm sick. And here I am adding noise of my own.

What makes us want to be heard above the noise?

And as I sit here I think, "Is this why God goes silent sometimes?"

Is He giving us the opportunity to run out of words until we just can do nothing but sit and wait? And in that season when we finally get as quiet as He is, we can hear Him whisper and everything changes.

I suppose I sound like a monk or something. And I won't get 11K followers for this blog. But Jesus is here, whispering. And I'm quietly marking this moment.

I do not have to strive to beat the noise. He knows my path through that forest.

I can either hold my breathe, grit my teeth and join the fray... or I can Go Quiet, breathe and let each peaceful step be a response toward the magnet of His kindness and love for me.

I'm not even posting this post.

I won't make a law of whether to always post or never post. I'm just not posting this one. If someone reads this, Jesus, maybe you could hug them with some quiet and a whisper?

Thank you,


©2020 Lydia D Crouch

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